Tank Cleaning


Contaminated fuel and phase separation can cause serious problems for retail stores. Potentially, the state could shut you down until corrected, meanwhile your customers will go to the station down the road. We can help you keep your customers.


Regular cleaning of diesel tanks is recommended for optimal functionality. Failing to clean diesel tanks can compromise fuel quality due to sludge build up and clogged filters caused by fungus or bacteria.

Preventing water from entering the tank, even in the form of condensation is critical to ensure the quality of the diesel fuel is maintained. Cleaning sludge and removing water from a diesel tank will ensure the quality of the diesel fuel.


Universal Fuel Services LLC provides gas tank maintenance services for a variety of businesses including gas stations, refineries and petroleum companies. Maintaining a clean environment has a direct impact on contributing to the quality of the gas residing in the tank.

Here is why it is important to clean gas tanks

Ethanol fuel will phase out if water gets into the tank which will be a loss to the owner. The longer it sits in there the more fuel it will phase out As the phase process begins the alcohol and water create an acidic liquid with will eat up the bottom of the tank

On steel tanks, this will create rust pockets which will hold this liquid regardless if you call a vac truck out to pull out the water. Which will continue to eat up the tank and create pinholes in the bottom which water will seep in or fuel will seep out.

This can be very costly as when this happens you now have a choice to with have a double wall installed on the tank or have the tank dug up and replaced. On fiberglass tanks, it will weaken the fiberglass to where it will eat at it until the same happens with the same results.

The tank is one of the most expensive and valuable assets to a fuel station and when it comes to repair or replace a tank it can be very costly not only due to the cost of the tank but the labor- shut down of business and business loss due to customers going someplace else while this is being done

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